New set of rules/added rules and /ignore command and TP timers.

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New set of rules/added rules and /ignore command and TP timers.

Post  MRLEOND on Sun Oct 27, 2013 2:31 pm

Hello, My name is Leon I have been on the server for less than an hour and for me to enjoy the server much more would be for a new set or more added rules to be put in place. When I first joined the server as you do I checked the rules. I saw that the rules for spam was not there and the rules for posting such links as pornographic imaging site were not existent. I think these rules should be in place for the spamming of things such as TP requests and asking for items (Which I don't see why that is allowed either) can get very annoying and maybe get someone mad enough to say something they may regret. With the pornographic one I suspect that with a big server of 70 slots and a 20k by 20k map size that you will get alot of kids on the server that are under aged for pornography. This is a serious matter because you can get sued for this matter and obviously that isn't what you want. For example a player posts a porn site and an owner or however you class it as allows it to go on long enough then they will get the blame and you will gain the chance of losing the server etc. etc. which a server with 70 slots must cost quite a fair amount of cash to run. (The porn can also be linked with spamming)

Which also brings me to The /Ignore command. This command is not available for someone like me who has just joined the server, which I find very stupid to be bitterly honest and I thing this command should be in play for all ranks because it can resolve an argument as well as stop such things as spamming for players who can't hold in aggression.

And finally the TP timers. Now I have not tested this out fully for I have not come into any combat with any people running round with their fully enchanted diamond armor and 100's of levels of mining skill. But as I have seen is that for a TP it takes a second for a TP to take place which in a PvP situation would really annoy me when I am about to kill someone and they do /spawn or /home and go before I get the last hit on them. It would make me feel like getting all my stuff throwing it in lava and quitting because every time I go to kill someone they go in a seconds which eliminates the whole point of PvP (Not that I am any good at it anyway) and makes the game not fun anymore so if you could put a 5 second timer on the TP's I would much appreciate it Very Happy

Well that concludes my thread I hope someone of a higher rank (Preferably an owner) reads this and takes up on what I have said.


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Re: New set of rules/added rules and /ignore command and TP timers.

Post  Becca on Sun Oct 27, 2013 8:49 pm

You obviously didn't read the rules well enough.

Links aren't post-able in chat, they mess up.

We aren't a PVP server, therefor I'm sure tp timing doesn't even need to be considered, a lot of people on the server go mining, they always fall in lava and tp home to survive/keep there stuff, adding a timer, well we'd have a lot of angry people and angry /pe's.

The ignore command would be a problem, people would ignore others out of fun, then star arguments when someone's ignoring someone that others can't contact, and also for the staff, If someone wasn't doing anything good, /ignore Isn't the best thing to add to that, even though we can /kick to get attention, others can't. Not many people pay attention to /mail until later.

as for spamming sort of comes under common sense but I'm sure It's one we can add.

More land? we recently expanded and are hopefully getting a new map.

I do repeat, we are NOT a PvP Server, and do NOT put up with Griefing.

The only PvP we have is at arena's, or /duel, and the nether. Other than that we're a family friendly building server with a great community.

We have a lot of great well trusting players, including the staff, they aren't like other servers and ban because someone makes them angry, we ban for real reasons, no matter how far you push us.

I hope you enjoy your time on Perthcraft. Very Happy 



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