I was greifed by 530JUNIOR and UnRatedBoy

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I was greifed by 530JUNIOR and UnRatedBoy

Post  jimmyBUFFET on Thu Oct 17, 2013 12:10 am

So I was away from the server for a while, and I came back to find my house broken into, my anvil/cauldron gone, my animals all dead, four gold blocks missing, and tunnels dug into all my property.  My enchanting table and bookshelves (which took forever to collect the leather for) have been removed.  I had a path of lilypads from my house to the shore that is totally gone.  Two cauldrons that served as a small egg farm are gone.  All of my soul sand and netherwart have disappeared, and I'm understandably feeling violated and pissed the hell off.  I have screenshots.

All I really need to get myself back where I was is lilypads, bookshelves, an enchanting table, two cows, two sheep, two pigs, and two chickens (and all that soul sand and gold), so it's not like I lost a whole lot, but it pisses me off to no end.  Jackasses.


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