Donation Log (November)

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Donation Log (November)

Post  BobRuby on Wed Oct 09, 2013 6:15 pm

Welcome to the PerthCraft donation log! Here you can view all the donors and how much they have spent to support the server.

Donations help us upgrade and improve our server. We have big plans for PerthCraft, including multiple worlds and arenas, but we need your help to accomplish this! Every donation you make will get you extra perks and abilities, all the information is on our buycraft page:

The top donor from every month will get a special prize and a spot.

This month's top donator receives:

A spawner!

Top Donator: NickelChang ($80)

Donations November 2013:

- Nickelchang donated $80 for Elite!
- XTh3_GodFath3rX donated $10 for an unban!


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