We've added a new PvP plugin!

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We've added a new PvP plugin!

Post  swingingkings on Mon Sep 23, 2013 8:07 am

We've added a new plugin for PvP.

We've made the main room the arena, and kept the rest of the PvP rooms for traditional pvp.

For this plugin, we won't need to worry about losing items.
The only problem is that we can't use our own items.

This could be used for betting or fighting for that item you both want.

/duel - shows information about plugin
/duel <playername> - sends a duel request to a player
/duel cancel - cancels a duel request
/duel accept - accepts a duel request
/duel deny - denies a duel request
/duel spectate - spectate a duel that is in progress
/duel leave - leave a duel

Thanks, Hope you have fun! Very Happy


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