I'm sorry Perthcraftians.

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I'm sorry Perthcraftians.

Post  x_Madi_x on Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:03 pm

I'm sorry to break it to you.. You guys are just an amazing community, and I absolutely love you all. You guys ARE family to me, and it's phenomenal how close everyone is. We all have our ups and downs once in a while, but that's part of being a family. Conflict after conflict. Yes, we have the newcomers sometimes and they do some harm, but we always kick them out of our home and fix what they did wrong. I just wanted to say that..

I can't let you guys go. I didn't mean to make the whole resigning thing a huge deal, I just needed time with my family and I needed a lot of stuff to get done. Which, I did get everything done. Lately, I've been super stressed because I feel like I'm running the server (don't get me wrong, I'm having a blast either way,) and it's just a lot of weight on my shoulders when I'm technically running ANOTHER one.

I've also been busy with my dog, she has Tapeworms and a very infected foot and I just care so much for her, and she's like.. a child to me. I have motherly instincts towards her (As weird as that sounds) and it just breaks my heart to see her sick.

But anyways, I hope you all accept my apology for "resigning" and I hope you can accept me as a Mod. I regret doing it because, like I said, you guys are family to me and I can't let you go and I feel like I have to help everyone and it honestly doesn't feel the same. Though, if you don't want me to be Mod and accept someone else better,
like Becca maybe? Then it's okay too. I just want this server to be a happy server, even though 40% of the time it isn't.

Thanks Perthcraftians. I look up to all of you and you all are my role models.

By the way, to the people who are applying because of when I "resigned" I wish you the best of luck. I hope I don't break your dreams of becoming a Trial-Mod because I want to be accepted back.. I feel terrible.



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