kze9000 Ban Report

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kze9000 Ban Report

Post  snowylove on Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:47 am


Accused of: GRIEF
x: -1701

Stolen items:
Enchantment table, bookshelves, enderchest ++
plus more than half his lifestock is now missing.



Additional Info
kze said that the matter was already resolved and that someone else was using his account during that grief. I tried to question him further but he logged off suddenly. Ghost was complaining about the grief still so whether this has already been resolved is beyond me.
I told him ghost just wanted his stuff back and there won't be anymore trouble but he responded rather hostile; saying "The he can just steal mine".

Uhm- well... now what? .-.

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Re: kze9000 Ban Report

Post  Becca on Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:10 pm

Yeah I talked to KZE about it a few minutes after ghost mentioned it for the first time and he said his friend was on his account and stuff, and that he doesn't even know who or where the place is, but he'd replace whatever it was and turn himself in for whatever punishment would be necessary,
For Guy to continue to babble on when it's being sorted is wrong, and he does need to stop, nothing happens instantly and babbling and complaining about it to every person who logs on isn't exactly going to make it get fixed faster.

He said he's simply get swing to rollback his house and respawn some animals, therefor him continuing shouldn't have been happening, and if he sees this, maybe he'll understand he doesn't need to keep mentioning it,

As for KZE, hopefully learnt his leason on Lending his account to friends and family.



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kze9000 grief report

Post  apex310 on Sat Aug 10, 2013 8:03 am

i was playing perthcraft one time when i decided i would help a newbie get started, i gave him some tools, food and info about the server. i then said if hewanted he couldbuild about 100 blocks away from my house with a small house or 200 blocks away with a big one. he then proceded to build a small house about 50 blocks away at the front. i wasnt to consernedbut i was a bit annoyed. i said to him not to build closer then his little house he can build behind it, but not infront. basicly long story short, he completely ruined the place that i hadpicked becasue of its buety and now im submitting a greif report because he has completey ruind the place. ive submitted a pe, number 598.
the coords are
here are screenshots.

i would like someting done about this as fast as the mods can do it.


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Re: kze9000 Ban Report

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