Reporting ghost357951 for x-raying.

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Reporting ghost357951 for x-raying.

Post  x_Madi_x on Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:32 am

I'm going to be as blunt as I can about this guy:

I understand he's a friend of Swing's, and I understand I may not be. But this guy is way to comfortable with his placement as a player and thinks he pretty immune to everything that goes on. He kept using "Swing.." as an advantage, and I personally got scared because I don't want to risk my Mod rank.
He claimed he was "bullied" because:

-People kept bothering him about x-raying
(Players will be players and call out hackers, I don't see a problem with it. Yes, there's an extent, but as far as I know, "x-rayer" and "hacker" aren't that offensive. I asked him if he wanted this to stop, that he would just take a break from mining, and he bluntly said "no.")

So far everyone I talked to, (Not going to name names unless they put their reasons below,) think this poor guy is x-raying and hacking. It's my job as a Mod to take action upon things like this, no?

Otherwise I'd be an ordinary player ignoring all that happens around the server.
Anyways, I'm sure we got the pluggin where it announces what type of ore you mined to see if someone was actually x-raying or not. I'm sure it wasn't decorations for the chat.

Those were screenshots from only one person.

So after seeing ALL of those, I saw Ghost online, and teleported to him.
This is what happened:
Also you may see the coords and stuff on the top left. Yes, that indicates x-ray. I only used it to follow Ghost around in, and I promise you it is now deleted. I'll screenshot for you guys after this. (I just know I'm not the only Mod who's done this.)

I didn't catch the whole "Mined %amount% of diamonds" in the chat, but he was just getting out of the hole, and you'll see in the chat I'm accusing him.

If this isn't x-ray, I honestly have no idea what it is then. Please help me out?

Oh and here's the screenie where I have no x-ray.

It's deleted and gone.

Anyways, I muted Ghost because of a misunderstanding and here I am without unmute. So, sorry to you Ghost, but then again.. Yeah.


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