staff application

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staff application

Post  chaos545 on Thu Jul 25, 2013 10:12 am

Minecraft Username:chaos545
Timezone: eastern
How long have you been on our server? 2 week
Why should you be a moderator?: I should be a mod because people have told me secrets tat they wont tell and I see very much bad language used in PertCraft
What could you do to help the server?: Icould help Get rid of hackers grefers and other things such as builds .

Tell us a bit about yourself: I love MineCraft I hade it for 2 weeks and im crazy about it. I live with my mom visit dad on weekends. I have 3 sisters 2 brothers. AND DID I MENTION I LOVE MC.

Include some information about how long you've been on this server and any previous experiences on other servers.
My experience with other encomy based games where bad I always end up goingback to perth craft. Also other servers moderaters abuse their power but not PerthCraft


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Post  Evaluator on Thu Jul 25, 2013 12:14 pm

I highly appreciate your application and pleased to hear that you think so highly of the server; our moderators are good because we select them very well and enforce laws and restrictions even on the best of them.
Now, your reason for wanting to be Moderator isn't very.. substantial. Maybe elaborate in how you'll get rid of hackers and the sort.

I recommend rewriting the application to include more information.

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Re: staff application

Post  PizzaCreeper101 on Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:03 am

Evaluator, I appreciate your work and that you think it is something you are obligated to do, but saying that the application is a -1 from you may bring down their morale to apply. Normally, I would do this. Keep your personal opinions to yourself. Keep your evaluations professional. Tell them the good parts or the ideals they most likely need to rethink or improve on. You need to improve on being more insightful on the post. Rather than telling that you appreciate their posts and tell them some changes here and there. Look at the personal parts that will truly affect their actions and behavior. Just tell them to reapply with out personal comments.
Evaluator, who exactly do you speak for in "we"? The staff? The community?

I apologize for ignoring you with the message to Evaluator. From the screenshots I have seen, you are a kind person who defends others who need it. Secrets can vary through many things, personal or not. Just because you have been told a secret does not mean the source has told others. Swearing or "bad language" is allowed as long it is put on a very minimum base. {STAFF->If this is wrong, notify me and I will remember.} Before you go patrolling, you must be more active on the forums. Since this is writing mode I am in, I cannot tell if that is a guest or an actual account. It is great that you LOVE MINECRAFT and will hopefully translate to devotion and regular logins. Economy is a major factor, not only server functionality, but with the community. The simpler and easier a system is, the more people that will use it and stay online. Power abusers are usually the ones that crave power. Those who crave power use their current abilities to make things in their favor, giving them the false sense of strength over others. How will you take care of wrong-doers? Elaborate like Evaluator said. Your reason for being a Moderator is not very valid and subjected to your opinion and others like Evaluator mentioned. Rethink your reason and reach deep down into exactly why you want to be one.


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Re: staff application

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