Inv3rt3d seems to be MIA, here's why

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Inv3rt3d seems to be MIA, here's why

Post  Inv3rt3d on Fri Jul 05, 2013 4:10 pm

Yes yes, I know as a Trial-Mod not being on for 10+ days but still being active on the forum may sound irresponsible and rather stupid but I have a reason. Ever since Becca quit, it was at the time where I was the only slightly active Trial-Mod, Firstbase wasn't there and in this time (if he still isn't here), I'm sorry for the lack of staff and bans. Alas my computer is older than some of our players. My computer is 13 years old (older than TBS, Mattangoh, Ruby, etc.) and being honest, it was great for it's time. However, new technologies surpassed this veteran of a machine and without that latest computer sustaining hardware, the computer has been failing. Failing to a point where my graphics card has given up on everything. It wasn't that good, it couldn't even handle the TF2 valve engine graphics... But that graphics card was the reason I was playing but it has died, so has my ability to play with you guys. Swing pardoned me for my mechanical incident earlier on so it's not all bad. Especially because I've got the new comp in my house, just not using it. Anyhow, sorry for the essay which could have been a short couple of sentences, but I'd like to say that I'll be back with you guys soon.

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