Dasilents trial mod/mod app :)

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Dasilents trial mod/mod app :)

Post  dasilent on Thu Jun 20, 2013 6:15 am

Age: 14
Minecraft Username:dasilentkilla
Timezone: east pacific (pa)
How long have you been on our server? id say about 2 weeks
Why should you be a moderator?: Well i really like the server and ive really been enjoying it Im very mature i dont abuse and i can help out alot i also make logos and html/css coded sites without web toolboxes check out my site i cuatom coded it and designed the logo from scratch
What could you do to help the server?: I can make a logo, I can make a main website for it to go along with the forums with html and css

Tell us a bit about yourself: Well im 14, i like to shoot, web code, play minecraft, and play battlefield 3. I like servers like this with small but active communities. not a small server with ppl like never on and not a HUGE server with 200 ppl always on. Im also friendly but i am stern and sometimes very aggresive when people are doing bad things breaking rules or just being total dickheads

Include some information about how long you've been on this server and any previous experiences on other servers. Well im not going to lie i have played on many other servers but ive been playing for about a week or two and i really like it. im in kingers town and hes really cool too him and ninja are very welcoming to new players



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Re: Dasilents trial mod/mod app :)

Post  PizzaCreeper101 on Thu Jun 20, 2013 6:56 am

To save the staff some time,

Honestly, I don't know how people keep track of time (two - three months or weeks?! More like a couple days sometimes).
You have been on for roughly two days not two weeks. So my judgment is that you know you have not been on for more than a week, and that you would lie in order to have privileges. Lying won't get you anywhere near administrative powers if you won't be honest and correctly use them. There have been many time issues I have addressed on these staff apps and I'm pretty sure some of the staff will look over this. I know some of the staff checks these, but I am not sure if they check times of player residence on this server.

Now I do realize that the staff are entitled to their own opinions of you, I do not blame them if they disagree with anything here. I am not one to judge your actions and behavior on the server. I would recommend you get on more frequently and interact with the community. Ask them how you appear to them in the server and play like you normally would with out putting up a "goody-goody" act.

Your own characteristics as mentioned in your application are up to you and your fellow player peers. Also be careful on how you write everything, writing can express your actions and mentality even though you don't mean to. For example, "being total dickheads" could say you are somewhat immature at times. That's fine, as long as it doesn't get out of control.

Make an account so you can be updated on this constantly. Having an account on here also provides access for Rank 1 (R1). Account on forums + $1000? = R1.

Thank you for reading,

P.S. I apologize to the staff if they would rather to answer these staff applications on their own, or ignore them. Message me if I should continue with these in-depth thoughts and ideas for these "could-be-staff members".

P.P.S. I am not a moderator.

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