schroeder14s app for staff

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schroeder14s app for staff

Post  schroe14 on Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:24 am

Name: Tyler Schroeder
Age: 14
Minecraft Username: schroeder14
Timezone: Central Time Zone- Mid West America
How long have you been on our server? One month but it feels like a million. i know i havent been on for long but this server is the best i have found in a really long time!
Why should you be a moderator?: I should be a mod because i like helping people and answering those peoples questions. Also i consider myself to be somewhat mature and i have good grammar, not the best though, and i speak english very well and i am a very active person on this server and i am nice to those around me.
What could you do to help the server?: i would help with anything that needs to be done. I would complete my tasks in a timely and neat manner guranteed.

Tell us a bit about yourself: i am darthvader lord of darkness! Cool


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Re: schroeder14s app for staff

Post  PizzaCreeper101 on Thu Jun 13, 2013 2:53 pm

One thing is, you have been on for a little over a week.
Answering questions and helping almost fall hand-in-hand. So, either you mean answering people's questions, so that they don't bother anyone else anymore. Helping is a broad category. As stated before, answering questions falls into the helping category a tad bit.

Maturity can also be broad. You may be mature in general but become power hungry after achieving some. In the case of games, I would call it self control to correctly use your powers.

Kindness and activity are to be determined by the staff and others. You can think of what you like on your own grammar skills.

The call to action for "helping with anything", means you have to know what to do exactly. For example, the Moderation job is not limited to just Minecraft. You may have to deal with Reports and Banning, getting on daily (a few absences may be alright, but not too many), and ranking up while you do your job.
But yes, PerthCraft is indeed the best.


P.S. I'm not a moderator, but I believe these perks in an individual are essential to holding the position or obtaining it. You must devote to this about as much as everything else.

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