Frodo's awesomely radical trial-mod application v2.0

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Frodo's awesomely radical trial-mod application v2.0

Post  Frodomann1 on Sat Apr 06, 2013 11:48 pm

Please note that I didn't rewrite this, only added and edited it:

Name: Ben

Age: 18

Minecraft Username: Frodomann1

Timezone: Eastern (UTC/GMT -4 hours)

How long have you been on our server?: 3-4 months (with a brief break during the middle)

Why should you be a moderator?: I think that I could help out and help grow this server into a large and rule

abiding community. Of course it is up to you to decide if I am moderator material, but make no mistake. If I am

chosen I will do my BEST, and that is all I can do. Also I may add, I have experience with moderating, so I know

the ins and outs of the tools needed to fight toxic users. Also with several mods retiring (becoming less active)

there is a need for constant protection during all times of the day. With only 1 mod (who is gonna do excellent

in her school) and 3 trial-mods, who try their best, but can't be on all the time, the server can go for large

amounts of time without a single mod on. (Consider for a second, how large PerthCraft's user-base is. With over

20-25 people on regularly and sometimes more on the weekends, this leads to quite a lot of stress on the over-

taxed people that we have guarding us, not to mention that they like to do stuff besides fight crime.)

What could you do to help the server?: I feel I could to a excellent job responding to griefs, warning for minor

rule breaking, helping out new members, answering questions; however trivial they seem, and generally making

everyone's playing experience the greatest it can be! Although catching griefers red-handed is rare, finding their

trail is easy with the tools log-block provides us. Since I am experienced in these plugins, I can better utilize

them for handling sticky situations.

Why: I wish to be a moderator for many reasons. Foremost of which would probably be that I like helping out

people that need help. I am sure that I could not fool you so I won’t try. I like the feeling of power that a

moderator has. Not to abuse the power, but to use it in the proper way. I only include this in this application

because I feel like I would be lying if I didn't. Some of the lesser reasons why I want to help moderate this

server mostly have to do with how much I love this community. I enjoy small (not 100+ at a time active users)

servers and I enjoy watching them grow; I also enjoy meeting new people and making friends with them,

sometimes even making long-term bonds with them even after servers go down.

A bit about myself: I hope I'm not boring you with these details but since you asked... I am an Eagle scout, I am

a black belt of WTF Taekwondo (World Taekwondo Foundation, not what your thinking.) I am a volunteer for

meals on wheels for the elderly, I am a Youtube content creator and avid Battlefield 3 fan. I am a channel

partner to IND gamers where I am making a series called mINDcraft, where I review mods. And I am a sucker for

minecraft. I also have been playing minecraft for quite a while, and have bought it on all platforms. I run a tekkit

server for my friends, I am addicted to sour candy (I will eat it until I burn holes in my tongue) I love to surf,

and have taught all my friend who will let me how to surf, I enjoy summer and abhor winter. I soak up some

vitamin D whenever possible, and last but not least, I play tons and tons of League of Legends and I suck at




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Re: Frodo's awesomely radical trial-mod application v2.0

Post  Zoskie on Sun Apr 07, 2013 2:57 am

I +1 you for becoming a trial-mod! Very Happy But that decision is up to Swing and Spiddles.


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Re: Frodo's awesomely radical trial-mod application v2.0

Post  mattangoh on Sun Apr 07, 2013 9:08 am

Well Frodo, I have to say that you have done an astonishing job with this application. Personally I like the detail you put into it and I can tell that you want to be a moderator. Great app +1 from me Very Happy.

*Updated cause he was banned for auto login*.

Jeffery the pig! pig

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Re: Frodo's awesomely radical trial-mod application v2.0

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