Crop Trample and Plugin Config Changes

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Crop Trample and Plugin Config Changes

Post  PizzaCreeper101 on Wed Dec 19, 2012 6:51 am

You should get the available plugin for Anti-Crop Trample (Name is not exact).

For the config file for Chest Shop, you should change it so that when ever people sell items back to a store (Spawn stores) they should get their money back for whatever resources then currently have.

For example, let's say I had 31 seeds and I need to sell those seeds back due to excess. Thirty-two seeds would cost say $32 (OVER-PRICED). In return for the 31 seeds would be $31 back to the player. This will allow the player(s) to make profits efficiently and slowly. I myself use this method as I am a heavy farmer (Discard or sell excess seeds, food, items).

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