Banned? What the...

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Banned? What the...

Post  CoalMiner107 on Sun Dec 16, 2012 1:59 pm

DUDE! Why am I banned?! confused I was NOT X-raying! Mad What even made you think that? If I was, prove it! I have proof that i didn't x-ray! First of all, I explore TONS of caves, because that's how I am. I also found a ravine with TONS, an i mean TONS of ores! I go to random places and explore, so i don't remember where the ravine was. If i find it I will show you all of the holes that I dug ores out of (if you unban me). Second of all, tell me this: Why would I build an awesome house that would take a while, make a farm, and help people if i'm just gonna get banned and lose all of my hard work?! And why would I take all of this time to type this out? You know this would have taken a while due to my lack of typing abilities. I would have taken a screenshot if the ravine, but I was in a hurry trying to get the ores before someone else came. bounce Can you please unban me? If I find another cave or ravine with tons of ores, I'll tell you. You can come see it for proof. If you unban me, you can take all of my ores out of my chest. Please tell me ASAP because I am checking this website constantly. Thanks in advance! Oh,yeah. You banned minecraftfan6543 for x-raying, and his is only a temporary ban. Mine is FOREVER! Makes no sense. just saying.


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Re: Banned? What the...

Post  Spiddles on Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:04 pm

You've been banned because one of our staff members were watching you while you were mining and you instantly went through three different spawners and it was obvious it wasn't by chance.

Because you have made a good appeal we will shorten your ban to 24 hours and you can come back on the server then. If you are caught X-raying again you will be banned permanently and will have to pay $10 to get back on. Don't bother claiming innocence, you were making it obvious.

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